Based on feedback at the London Ableton Education meet in July 2017, Push Locker turns off all Push controls except the Pads and the pitch bend more time wasted resetting Push to the correct mode for your students!
Simply drop this M4L audio device (it doesn't process sound) anywhere in your live set and map the lock button to the controller/key of your choice and you will be able to easily restrict the function of your Push 1 to just the notes/drums and pitch-bend. I recommend in drum mode that you hit the 'note' button twice to put it in to 16 velocity mode before you lock the Push with this device. In Drum Mode the touch strip is deactivated from drum region and instead functions as a Pitch Bend whilst this device is active If this device is popular and for the right incentive I will add Push2 and local network remote control in the next version update.
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