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Push Colour Notes

Push Colour Notes v1.2


I created this device to make push more easily understandable for a special needs group I teach on a weekly basis but it is generally quite useful for understanding what you are doing with Push.


Drop this Max For Live MIDI effect in it's own track anywhere in your live set and it will work it's magic on every MIDI notes track in the set  does not effect drum and audio tracks.


Built to work with and loosely based on  the Figurenotes system of notation learning this  device when activated it will grab the default  blue and white note display from Push and replace it with a rainbow note display where, dependant on the key and scale selected,  the following rules apply;


Red = C and C♯

Brown = D♭, D and D♯

White/Grey =E♭ and E

Blue = F and F♯

Purple/Black = G♭, G and G♯

Yellow =  A♭, A and A♯

Green = B♭ and B


Pads light up for note on messages in brighter versions of the given colours above.


There is also a pop up menu to show the note name and colour of the last pressed key.


Just like Push's native note modes this device works in "in_scale" and Chromatic modes.


"in_scale" mode replicates all of the in scale scales and layouts native to Push


In Chromatic mode all the sharps and flats (black piano notes) rest with the lights off whilst all the natural notes (white piano notes) rest with the lights on.


I recommend mapping the activate button for easy comparison between Push's native note modes and the colour maps this device creates.


The device needs scale and key to be set independently from Push scales either in the M4L window in Live or by selecting the device with Push and using the rotary knobs and Push Display. It is also possible  to automate key and scale changes as part of the live set with this device.




Setting between sharps and flats as the default for accidentals is currently a manual operation.


The following limitations only effect a small number of the scales available on Push but due to the limitations of Max this device can display flats or sharps only but not both where they occur in the same scale,  nor is it able to produce a double flat or sharp for those keys and scales that use them.


PS this device works very well in combination with my other device "Push Locker" for younger users. I use it with my 3 year old son.


PPS If anyone  sends me a Push2 or Launch Pad Pro I will build this device for those devices too.


Video 1. Introduction and 2. Download Instruction
Video 3. Device controls walkthrough
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