ATD3 a 3 Voice MIDI controllable Audio Transposer With Delay Max for Live Device  Max for Live
ATD3_& ATD3 MIDI Server v1.3: 3 Voice MIDI controllable Audio Transposer With Delay Max for Live Device. [REQUIRES! Jamoma package for j.panorama~ external object for stereo output.] [Watch 1 minute package manager instruction video RIGHT] Updates 1.4: Added presets Added volume and pan dials for clean audio Added a fast attack slow slow release match limiter to control peaks in live situations. Added send and receive channels so multiple devices can be used with multiple controllers in the same set. MIDI control elements now require FPB ATD3 MIDI server 1.4 or higher Updates 1.3 Added voice mute buttons for each of the 3 voices Added Delay bypass button Swapped units on delay dials to allow finer control over delay amount Added Mono / Stereo switching for device output* *device works in Mono without Jamoma j.pannorama~ object Tweaked UI for ergonomic advantage. Description: This Max for Live Device takes a summed mono Audio input and Transposes by user defined amounts to create harmonious or inharmonious results with three voices. Each voice can be individually delayed by up to 3 seconds and has its own gain and pan stages. Setting the delay amount in ms will create a fixed delay. Setting the delay amount by beat & beat division will follow the live set tempo. The user may set the transposition amounts with mouse clicks or may use the accompanying ATD3 MIDI Server to set the transposition values with a MIDI input device. . When MIDI CTl. is activated with the MIDI server the devices read any deviations from middle C as amounts in semitones and sequentially allocate the values to the three voices transposition values. All the parameters are MIDI mappable. The device is quite usable on live sources but for the very best results on pre-recorded audio I use a track delay setting of -43ms.
Download ATD3 Max for Live Audio device here Download ATD3 MIDI SERVER Max for Live MIDI device here
Install Jamoma ATD3 1.2 Demo: Guitar
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